Essay On Working In Groups Vs Working Alone

Teamwork vs Individual Work

Posted on March 1, 2016 by Ceren Cubukcu

Some people prefer to work individually and others in teams. Both have advantages and disadvantages. The key is finding the rights tasks for each one. Take a look below for pros and cons of these work styles.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Teamwork

  • Working in teams increases collaboration and allows brainstorming. As a result, more ideas are developed and productivity improves.
  • Two or more people are always better than one for solving problems, finishing off difficult tasks and increasing creativity.
  • Everyone is unique and has different skills, backgrounds and experiences. Therefore, others in a team can help you see things from a different angle.
  • Teamwork encourages communication between team members. For this reason, relations between employees tend to be better and over time employees learn to communicate better.
  • In some teams, there may be members who sit back and let others do all the work. In these types of teams conflicts may occur and this can affect the mood of others in the team.
  • Working in a team requires many meetings and these meetings, if not managed well, can go off topic and decrease the efficiency of the team.
  • Making decisions can take longer for the sake of finding a consensus. Hence, delays occur.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Individual Work

  • You can work in your own pace not depending on someone else. You can decide what to do when.
  • You can concentrate easier and work faster. If you are working on a familiar task, you can get it done quicker since there are no outside interactions and extra meetings.
  • You get the whole credit for the work you do since you are working alone! There won’t be any situations where one does less but gets the same credit with others.
  • You get to make your own decisions.
  • You are the sole responsible for the job. If you fail, it is your fault. There aren’t any others to blame it for.
  • You have to motivate yourself. There are no others to motivate you for getting things done.
  • You can get bored working all by yourself. There isn’t anyone to talk to, share ideas with or get help from.
  • When you are working alone, if you get sick or need to take days off, the work will be delayed because there won’t be anyone to continue it for you.

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Pleas, check my grammar and give me some advises which can make my ESSA better.

Generally, everyone has his own way of doing assignments and projects. Some of them prefer work in groups other students prefer to work independently. In my opinion, I prefer to work in some group with intelligent developed people. Since, I believe in that they can help me if I have some troubles in my assignments or projects. I will describe several reasons and examples for explaining my opinion in the following paragraphs.
First and foremost, I want to explain all advantages of group working. In my opinion, the collective of smart people is very good for everyone who wants to get something. For example, if I am work in some group of smart people I feel more comfortable my self and I believe in that, if I need some help they, I can ask them for help. It is very good to know that someone can help and support you. Also, I can ask their opinion. It is good to know opinions of others. Since, we always can learn something from surround us people.
Moreover, I think that working in some group is more interesting and allow us to work harder. Since, when I am alone I can get tired faster, but when I am working in some group I feel like someone gives me energy. Reason for that is my personality. I am a person, who never liked to be alone, since I like to be in collective with other people and having some fan with them or discuss something. That why, I prefer to work in some group. In my opinion, the best way for doing assignments or projects is to create some collective with smart guys.
On the other hand, I think that I can do some assignments or projects even if I am working by my self. Of course, it would be pretty much harder than working in some group, but it is good to be always ready for working alone. Also, some times I prefer to work alone. Since, it is good to know own abilities. So, in my opinion I think that sometimes we need to work by ourselves, just for understanding own aptitudes.
Finally, I would like to stress that the does not matter which way you prefer for doing your assignments or projects, important thing that we have to work hard on that. The best way for reaching your goals is to work hard for that. If we want to achieve great accomplishments, we have to work hard for that.

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