Visual One Pager Assignment

Company Name

What’s in a name? For a young company your name is often your first impression with a potential consumer or investor, so it’s important to make sure your name is thoughtfully considered and speaks to your product, service or philosophy. Here are some tips to get you thinking about strong company titles:

1. Consider the 5-10 rule. “Great companies throughout history had 5 to 10 letters in their name, at least one hard consonant, and many had a repeating letter,” notes entrepreneur and startup consultant Peter Gasca.

2. Say it out loud. There’s a running joke on the TV sitcom 30 Rock that Jenna, one of the characters, stars in a film called “The Rural Juror.” On paper, the name is clear and comprehensible, but when spoken out loud, no one has any idea what she’s saying. Make sure your name not only works on paper but also spoken aloud.

3. Prepare for social media restrictions. The name of your company is going to be shared in email subject lines, tweets and meta tags. Short, simple, and unique titles shine on social media platforms.

4. Secure your name and vanity addresses. You should verify that your name isn’t already trademarked and make sure your name isn’t registered with common social media channels. If your name is available, secure it! Even if you’re not active on the account, you will own the account name, preventing someone else from taking it and creating a site that confuses consumers when they search for your company.

People forget

…what they read, see, hear, experience. Useful info becomes lost in this age of excess everything, everywhere… where the noise is deafening, the signal weak. We humans make at-the-moment-choices to reduce noise.

We’re visually wired

Combining words and pictures helps us process information faster, understand things better, and remember more. People develop trust and buy things when they understand you clearly and simply. You want to be heard, not ignored.

It started with books

I started this biz creating visual summaries for business books. Now, business people ask me to clearly explain their business, products and services through visual-one-pagers. This helps businesses get noticed with eye-catching content. Getting noticed is a step closer to winning sales.

“Todd employed a simple, collaborative and iterative approach…”

Working together, almost daily through the creation of the summary, we crafted and course-corrected to create a creative and visual result that well represents the essence of my book. I enjoyed seeing my ‘tiered elevator’ pitch emerge from working with Todd and benefitted from his writing and editing skills. Thanks, Todd for the whole experience.

~ Mark Graban, Author of Lean Hospitals

Everyone has a story

Whether you’re a writer or presenter wanting a visual summary for your book or event -or- a business person wanting to clearly explain your business, product or service… check out my services to see how I can tell your story. Clearly. Concisely. Visually.

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