Ambition Extended Definition Essay On Leadership

Wake Up
& Take Control of Your Life!

Stop the incessant rote pattern of your life, both personally and professionally. Switch off the autopilot and take control of the journey!

Are You Living True to Your
Higher Purpose and Passions?

Most human beings are living well below their individual and collective capacity. Scientifically, we know that only small portions of our brains are in use. Do you let FEAR rule your life? What happened to the dreams you had when you were younger? Where did your enthusiasm for life go? Recapture the magic of living fully self-expressed & joyful!

Stop Enduring Your Life and
Choose to Be Magnificent!

We become confused by our false egos, persistently nagging, chiding, cautioning and falsely limiting us from living to our true and divine nature. Learn to separate the incessant voice telling you to ‘be careful,’ ‘don’t do that,’ and ‘oh no, what if they find out who I really am?’- Start owning your rightful place in our world. You have the power to be INCREDIBLE!

Are You a Leader?

Leadership is ubiquitous, encompassing parents, grandparents, educators, ministry, community and social justice advocates, the arts, medical professionals, and anyone who connects with others. These are the many faces of leaders. From small to large they all have one thing in common: the human connection. At the heart of living are human relationships.

Be Amazing!

Don’t let the ‘Dark Side’ pull you into its seduction. The ‘Force’ is indeed with you when you switch on your consciousness. Be the unique and wonderful human being you are!

Consciousness is a Choice!

When you become aware of being aware, you have stepped into consciousness. And in this state of presence, different choices can be made that not only shed light in your life, but illuminate those you love, lead and serve.

Conscious Leaders Embody
Living in the Present.

Human interactions, while spanning the gamut from one-on-one to large audiences, engage us in living in the moment. After all, this is the only place that life is actually lived, the present. Successful and dynamic organizations understand and espouse practices that acknowledge and build a culture of genuine & authentic customer engagement. Employees need this same level of presence from their leaders just as children will thrive if parents are present and conscious.

Energize your Life, Energize
Your Business!

As human beings, we are super electronic microprocessors outputting electric energy to our external world. Choose the energy you want to manifest. Positive energy attracts the same, just as negative energy seeks companion with lower frequencies. Understand and embrace your most positive energetic self!

Critical Analysis of Power, Ambition, Glory Essay examples

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Power, Ambition, Glory
By Steve Forbes and John Prevas

Synopsis Power, Ambition, Glory analyzes great leaders in history and links similarities with leaders of today. Great leaders such as Cyrus the Great, Alexander the Great, Hannibal of Carthage, Julius Caesar and Augustus bear a striking resemblance to characteristics that we see from current business leaders. The historical leader’s leadership style and results that followed give insight into effective management.

Cyrus the Great Cyrus the Great saw no boundaries for his conquest. While he commanded a powerful army, he used his intelligence to win wars. Rather than razing towns and enslaving the residents, Cyrus brought acceptance and integration for the local population…show more content…

Steve Forbes has an impressive business background. He is currently chairman and CEO of Forbes Media, along with Editor-in-Chief of the much respected Forbes Magazine which has a circulation of over 900,000 reaching close to five million readers. In 1996 and 2000, Mr. Forbes campaigned for presidential office. He has authored several books and numerous articles. His academic credentials include a B.A. in history along with honorary degrees from twenty-three other colleges. Mr. Forbes served on the Board of Trustees of Princeton University for ten years. 1 A shortcoming in his academic credentials is his lack of post graduate work. John Prevas has an extensive academic background in history and law. He obtained his masters degree from John Hopkins University in educational psychology along with a law degree from Antioch School of Law. Currently, Mr. Prevas teaches Latin and ancient history at Eckerd College. He has authored three books on ancient history. The topics of his books includes Xenophon, Hannibal of Carthage, and Alexander the Great. Each of these characters was analyzed in Power, Ambition, Glory. 2 When looking at his credentials in the context of this book, Mr. Prevas would benefit from actual business and leadership experience.
History is obviously very important to these authors. Steve Forbes’ B.A. in history and his current business experience and

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