Wittig The Straight Mind And Other Essays

Monique Wittig Rare Collection of pdf essays, fiction, interviews, footage, and more

Monique Wittig was a French lesbian feminist, co-founder of two important French feminist organizations, the Mouvement de Libération des Femmes (Women’s Liberation Movement) and Gouines Rouges (Red Dykes), as well as an important theoretical contributor to materialist feminism, lesbian feminism, and literary theory. She also wrote several novels and short stories that express her radical lesbian feminist visions of a world without sex or gender. Her texts express the material basis of women’s and lesbians oppression in heterosexuality and not in any sort of essentialist idea of womanhood. Wittig died in 2003 and was survived by her partner and collaborator Sande Zeig. [Bio from hazelxvx]

 From The Straight Mind and Other Essays

The Category of Sex
One is Not Born a Woman
The Straight Mind
On the Social Contract
Homo Sum
The Point of View
The Trojan Horse
The Mark of Gender
The Place of Action

Other Essays Published by Wittig

The Literary Workshop (Wittig’s Dissertation)
Feminist Issues (A Journal started by Wittig)

Notes and Comments

Across the Acheron
The Constant Journey


“The Girl” Interview
French Lesbian Writers
Shifting Scenes
The New Novel Round Table


The Lesbian Body
Les Guerilleres
The Garden

In French

Paris la Politique

Articles Written about Wittig

Amazons and Mothers? Monique Wittig, Helene Cixous and Theories of Women’s Writing by Diane Griffin Crowder

From the straight mind to Queer Theory by Diane Griffin Crowder

Queer Theory A Review of the differences special issue and Wittig’s The Straight Mind by Rosemary Hennessy

Materialist Utopia and Radical Critique by Brad Epps and Jonathan Katz

The Trojan Horse of Universalism Language as a War Machine in the Writings of Monique Wittig by Linda Zerilli

XX+XX=XX Monique Wittig’s Reproduction of the Monstrous Lesbian by Julie Scanion

Monique Wittig Reconsidered by Winifred Woodhull

Other Media Content

Infographic on Wittig’s Trojan Horse
Footage of Wittig (the only known footage of Wittig where she speaks in English about her book, The Straight Mind, and the myth of “French Feminism”)
Buy the movie, The Girl, which was written by Monique Wittig and directed by Sande Zeig

See hazelxvx’s collection of Monique Wittig’s works also.

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The Straight Mind and Other Essays

Monique Wittig, Author Beacon Press (MA) $24.95 (110p) ISBN 978-0-8070-7916-4
Wittig ( The Lesbian Body ) is a key figure in French feminism, perhaps the foremost theorist of a profoundly radical lesbianism. Half of the nine essays in this brief collection deal directly with the politics of gender, a battlefield on which Wittig has staked out a nearly unique position: ``There is no sex. There is but sex that is oppressed and sex that oppresses.'' Drawing on de Beauvoir, Wittig strenuously resists both biological determinism and its twin, essentialism, arguing that sex itself is a social, ergo ideological, construct and that man and woman are not eternal categories. For women, she concludes, lesbianism is the logical escape from patriarchal domination. Wittig's prose is methodical and aggressive, combative and dense. The book's first half, containing the political essays, is a bit repetitive. The author is at her most elegant in the literary essays, which explicate the complex relationship between literary form and ideology. As a result, these ostensibly literary essays offer the most cogent statement of her political beliefs and, consequently, the most satisfying reading. (Feb.)
Reviewed on: 02/03/1992
Release date: 02/01/1992

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